Dutch death metal moloch Bloodgod (2011-2018) was hailing from Utrecht, the Netherlands and featured (former) members of Hymir / Decisive Intrusion, Player (Slayer tribute) / Disquiet, and Nuestros Derechos / Agents of Entropy. The band is now dead and gone.

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About Bloodgod

Bloodgod was a steady three-piece powerhouse delivering death metal soaked songs with all the features common to the genre: deep grunts, low-tuned guitars and fast riffs, double bass drumming and blast beats, plus a musical brutality that's permanently present. This is not new or unique. But a classic dish that's cooked with skills and love can still make your mouth water, right?

Although we loved every minute of it, the band called it quits in June 2018. Here's why we decided to disband. Thanks for checking us out. Blood for the Bloodgod! Skulls for the skull throne!

Bloodgod music

Check out Bloodgod's last EP 'Catharsis'. Recorded and mixed at Mass Audio Studio in Utrecht, NL and mastered at Jacob Hansen Studios in Ribe, DK. Have a listen here:

Or enjoy all songs of this 5-track release at Bandcamp or Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, or ReverbNation among other platforms. Best enjoyed at maximum volume.

Listen free to Bloodogd's debut EP 'Pseudologia Phantastica', recorded and mixed at Studio Independent Recordings in Utrecht, the Netherlands:

Bloodgod - 't Schrickelik Tempeest (official lyric video)Official lyric video for 't Schrickelik Tempeest from 'Catharsis', Bloodgod's 2017 studio recording.

Bloodgod videos

Bloodgod - Valar Morghulis (official lyric video)Official lyric video for Valar Morghulis from 'Catharsis', Bloodgod's second studio recording.

Bloodgod - Bloodgod (official lyric video)Official lyric video for the song Bloodgod from Bloodgod's debut EP 'Pseudologia Phantastica'.

Bloodgod - Heist (official music video)DIY studio recording full HD video footage of the song Heist from 'Pseudologia Phantastica', Bloodgod's first ever studio recording